Front-end Developer

Consultancy Industry

•  Developing front-end infrastructure for all assigned projects.

•  Maintaining existing front-end infrastructures for the organization and clients.

•  Writing reusable code and libraries (with matching documentation) to a standard which makes it 

    quick and easy to maintain the code in the future.

•  Creating quality mockups and prototypes, ensuring high-quality graphic standards and brand 


•  Turning UI/UX designs into prototypes, creating excellent interactions from designs.

•  Troubleshooting and fixing bugs on front-end designs.

•  Working with back-end developers to improve usability.

•  Collaborating with clients and other departments to improve designs and projects.

•  Writing and updating documentation on architecture, processes, and systems.

•  Designing robust APIs to support mobile and desktop clients.

•  Scanning systems and ensuring secure approaches are implemented.

•  Managing and optimizing scalable distributed systems in the cloud.

•  Optimizing web applications for performance and scalability.

•  Monitor and improve SEO on sites of the organization and clients.

•  Work with the media team to manage Digital Marketing (social media, email marketing etc.) for the 

    organization and clients and integrate web and mobile marketing with other digital marketing 

    aspects such as social media



•  Ability to write JavaScript and use react.js for front-end development is required.

•  Familiarity with HTML and CSS is expected.

•  Ability to design ecient and user-friendly UX/UI and develop mock-ups for stakeholders.

•  Good command of SEO best practices and ability to troubleshoot and improve SEO on an existing 


•  Ability to use programs in the Adobe Suite.

•  Familiarity with Web Analytics and other Digital Marketing aspects.

•  Ability to use Flutter is an added advantage.

•  Familiarity with the WordPress CMS is required.

•  Ability to write, secure and document APIs.

•  Ability to organize code cleanly with scalability in mind and document it clearly.

•  Familiarity with the program development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance 

and updates and usage of agile methodologies.


•  Possess critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

•  Demonstrate an attitude of continuous learning and flexibility.

•  Have self-discipline and ability to drive oneself to work and deliver projects on time and with quality.

•  Have skills to communicate with and manage clients (expectations and requirements).

•  Able to plug their work into the big picture of the organization/client and work well with other team 

    and sta members.

•  Posses great communication skills (both written and spoken)

•  Fluent in English (both written and spoken) as well as Swahili 


Applicants should:

•   Have 1-2 years of experience in front-end development.

•   If fresh from school, applicant should have strong work in portfolio.

•   Have developed and delivered one or more web-based systems that can be accessed.

•   Have an existing portfolio on GitHub or another repository.

•   Mobile development experience is an added advantage.

Additional Information


• Send you CV and cover letter to:

• Deadline: 4th June, 2023

Job Details

Mobile Application Developer
Full Time
IT Support
2 Year
  • Date Posted:
    22nd May, 2023
  • Location:
    Dar es Salaam , Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Expires On:
    4th Jun, 2023
  • Job Skills:
    Team Work, Creative Under Pressure, Computer Skills
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