Full Stack Developer

Consultancy Industry

•  Developing back-end infrastructure for all assigned projects

•  Maintaining existing back-end infrastructures for the organization and clients

•  Writing reusable code and libraries (with matching documentation) to a standard which   

    makes it quick and easy to maintain the code in the future

•  Troubleshooting and fixing bugs

•  Managing hosting environments

•  Working with front-end developers to improve usability

•  Collaborating with clients and other departments

•  Writing and updating documentation on architecture, processes and systems

•  Designing robust APIs to support mobile and desktop clients

•  Scanning systems and ensuring secure approaches are implemented

•  Managing and optimizing scalable distributed systems in the cloud

•  Optimizing web applications for performance and scalability

•  Developing automated tests to ensure business needs are met, and allow for regression test


•  Strong background in back-end development.

•  Ability to write code in Java.

•  Ability to write JavaScript and use Node.js in back-end development.

•  Ability to write Typescript is required.

•  Ability to work with PHP is a significant advantage.

•  Familiarity with WordPress and other CMSs is an added advantage.

•  Competence with SQL and one or more databases such as MySQL, Postgre or MongoDB.

•  Ability to write, secure and document APIs.

•  Ability to scan for vulnerabilities and implement secure practices/rules to enhance security projects.

•  Ability to organize code cleanly with scalability in mind and document it clearly.

•  Ability to use Git for version control and workflow management.

•  Ability to manage program development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance and   

    updates and apply agile methodologies.

•  Familiarity with at least one or more cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS etc.

•  Familiarity with React.js framework for front-end development 

•  Familiarity with React Native for mobile development is an added advantage.

•  Familiarity with Python in an added advantage.


•  Possess critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

•  Demonstrate an attitude of continuous learning and flexibility.

•  Have self-discipline and ability to drive oneself to work and deliver projects on time.

•  Have skills to communicate with and manage clients (expectations and requirements).

•  Able to plug their work into the big picture of the organization/client and work well with 

    other team and sta members.

•  Have the ability to guide other team members in delivering projects.

•  Posses great communication skills (both written and spoken)

•  Fluent in English (both written and spoken) as well as Swahili.

•   Have 2-3 years of experience in back-end development.

•   Have at least 1 year of experience in other development aspects such as front-end, DevOps. 

•   Have developed and delivered one or more web-based systems that can be accessed.

•   Have an existing portfolio on GitHub or another repository.

•   Mobile development experience is an added advantage.

Additional Information


• Send you CV and cover letter to: recruitment@epvate-fortune.com

• Deadline: 4th June, 2023

Job Details

Mobile Application Developer
Full Time
IT Support
2 Year
  • Date Posted:
    22nd May, 2023
  • Location:
    Dar es Salaam , Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Expires On:
    4th Jun, 2023
  • Job Skills:
    Creative Under Pressure, Computer Skills
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